Gill Grove Baptist Church Christian Child Care

Gill Grove Baptist Church loves children! Our children’s ministries are carefully designed to care for and teach children in a Christ-honoring atmosphere of love and excellence. Here at Gill Grove, we wish to help parents get their children headed in the right direction from their early years through teaching them to have a good moral foundation and training them according to Biblical principles. Our Christian Day Care is open weekdays from 7:00AM to 6:00PM.

From September through May, we have K-3 and K-4 learning programs. Our teachers are well-trained and well-qualified, but more than that, they are caring, dedicated Christian ladies who are active in our church ministries here.

Schedule of Fees

Registration (per family)

  • Part-time – $15.00
  • Full-time – $25.00
  • Book/Supply Fee – $60.00

Child Care

  • Full-Time – $92.00
    (all day-all week; 3-5 days)
  • One day – $25.00
    (5+ hours considered a full day)
  • Half-day – $15.00
    (Fewer than 5 hours)

Part-Time Preschool Classes

  • 3 Day Program (Mon/Wed/Fri) – $45.00/week
  • 5 Day Program – $60.00/week